• Admission FAQs
  • Will my child be able to cope with regular school work? How?
  • The one hour child-centric, micro level sessions that we conduct consistently help the child read, write and spell better thereby enabling him to cope with school work better. We work not only on phonics but also on their working memory. The child then is able to retain what he learns for a longer period of time.
  • How long does therapy take to start making an impact?
  • This depends on the child’s turnaround time. Results can be seen from month two onwards.
  • Does he need to go for regular tuition as well?
  • Yes the child needs to go for regular tuition to study the school curriculum. What we do is specialized remedial therapy.
  • Is there anything we need to do at home to supplement what you are doing?
  • We will be giving you guidance on case to case basis on the same.
  • How do we handle behavior issues?
  • We provide individual counselling to parents about how to handle behaviour issues.
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