Harimohan Paruvu : Anupama Sircar’s “The Learning Graph” – Remedial Therapy Center for Children with Dyslexia and ADHD

With Anu (Anupama Sircar), the first thing one remembers is that her human side comes across first. Not many people come across like that because a lot of people are obsessed with themselves, with what they are doing or thinking. Needless to say, it is always a pleasure to meet her because there is always something to discuss, to laugh about and in the most honest of ways. There is no artifice about her. To top it all she has a warm and ready smile, a clear way of articulating things and the humility to laugh at herself and the world. She genuinely likes people, life.

Anupama Sircar - At The Learning Graph
Anupama Sircar – At The Learning Graph

I’ve known Anu, for a long, long time now. But to put the order right, I’ve known her in-laws first. Sircar Aunty who has been a steady encouragement in my writing journey, always showing up for my book events, and always encouraging me despite all the trash I wrote and showed to her, Amit (Anu’s husband) who is always warm and welcoming and ready to discuss music and movies and good times, and Ajanta (Amit’s sister) a dear friend (and another early die-hard supporter of my improbable writing journey) who’s probably the root connection being Shobha’s friend from school. Suffice to say, I know Anu for over two decades and more now.

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Dyslexia Classes in Hyderabad

Children, who cannot read and write as easily as their peers can feel extremely incompetent and diffident. This affects their self-esteem and overall will to “learn”. Children feel stigmatized when withdrawn from class for extra help at their existing schools, or discouraged by doing easier work than others.

At TheLearningraph, we believe the solution is to give your child a level playing field; a centre where everyone has similar difficulties. Here at Thelearningraph we believe in creating confident individuals by giving them a strong foundation. Regular, weekly classes based on academic as well as cognitive developmental goals, make the child move from good to better to best.

Our dyslexia classes are a combination of insightful assessments and individualized education plans. This scientific and specialized therapy works its magic on our children.

Through this, the trajectory of their lives is altered. What once seemed impossible is no longer so.
Having worked for over a decade in the field of dyslexia, in addition to a decade as an English teacher, I have an in-depth understanding of the need of every student facing a learning disability. Based on the classes conducted, we have monthly meetings to update parents about the progress of their child as well as the challenges we are facing together. Through our systematic remedial therapy, we have and will continue to make a difference to children with dyslexia and ADHD.

Our motto is to provide supplementary training to help a child use his/her potential to the fullest and set him/her up for success in life.

For Centre visit, we are located in the heart of the city i.e. Kavuri Hills, Hyderabad. The website gives our complete address and contact details as well as a google map.

From the desk of AnupamaSircar
Remedial Therapist
Mobile No: +91 9963442662

Remedial therapy for dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disability which can be treated by following right remedial therapy measures. Dyslexic children can be intelligent but their perception of different things is different from normal kids. Read on to find which remedial measures should parents take in order to help their children cope with dyslexia with an ease.

Following are the remedial therapy for dyslexia

First of all it is important to understand that lot of improvement can be brought about in dyslexic children with right method of teaching. At TheLearningraph we make sure below mentioned steps are taken care.

Behavioral counseling.

Behavioral modification through training.

Educational counseling.

Suggested retraining of the brain that needs to be repeatedly practiced.

While discussing about remedial therapy for dyslexia, it is also important to understand that each kid has his own set of problems and the same measure may not work for all. The situation is very relative. Therefore, the remedial measures are very specific.

Best dyslexia School in Hyderabad

Our mission is to transform lives by helping students with learning disabilities realize their educational and social potential.

TheLearningraph primary focus is our students. At the heart of the TheLearningraph experience is a partnership between the student and teacher – our one-to-one tutorial. Our students obtain the best possible opportunity to realize their potential in the classroom.

We know what works, our students discover talents, cultivate strengths, conquer challenges, develop independence, and fulfill dreams. TheLearningraph diagnostic and prescriptive procedures, individualized intervention and remediation, and teamwork have many young lives. Centre is run by Mrs. AnupamaSircar, and it is her commitment, expertise, and perseverance that result in the success of TheLearningraph students.

At TheLearningraph, we believe every student can learn. we welcome you to explore the best dyslexia school in hyderabad.