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My journey with Thelearningraph till now.

My elder son Lallith who is in grade 4 now has been going through many problems in reading, writing, spelling and even pronouncing too before joining Thelearningraph. I being a mother have been going through many articles, people and places to help my child regarding his problems, so in this search we found thelearningraph where I felt like this could be a better choice for my child. It’s been almost a year that Lallith along with my younger son attends Anupama’s sessions dealing with specific learning disabilities remediating and I can now see a miracle happen to my child. His improvement is incredible and immeasurable. His confidence and command over the language is amazing. Now he has thought and single vision that he is able to do anything as he has his Anupama teacher with him. It’s just like a place where it can be called as extended home with Anupama as she means so much to my child.

Today as a mother I would like to say that Lallith has been destined to meet Anupama. I yet remember the first day when I met Anupama the warmth, concern, the aura as a person and commitment she had in her eyes made me feel that now my search is all over and my child is in the safest place that he could be. Regarding Anupama I might fall short of words praising her as she is just a blessing to my children and me. Now my child performs amazingly that people around are left surprised and puzzled that what an incredible improvement but I would say it’s the magic of Anupama’s remediation and my child’s effort. I even would like to thank Triveni as the way she handles the children is beautiful. All I can say is thank you from the depth of my heart to THELEARNINGRAPH.

– Deepthi

We are the parents of Master Poorna Chander Reddy, we both are doctors. I have joined my son in Thelearningraph 3 months ago, my troubles with my son are mainly inattention, never sits in one place, eye contact, difficulty in reading, writing, English speaking and basics in English. Just in a month of time I had seen changes in my son.

My son is really enjoying the remedial classes and likes the teacher so much. Here in the class the way they handle the kids, they understand them deeply. From basics of English they teach, their teaching method is really good. In between the classes they conduct art and craft activities, my son likes them so much. He never refuses to attend the classes he loves coming here he loves his teachers. Even from school we got positive feedback regarding the problems mentioned above. We parents and child are happy taking remedial classes.

– Parent

My son Sai Shrikar Origanti has been attending classes with Ms. Anupama Sircar for the last one year. Shrikar has attention difficulties and hand writing difficulties.After the classes there has been a regular progress with regard to Shrikar’s social behavior and learning difficulties have since decreased. He is now able to sit for a considerable length of time on tasks like coloring writing etc., his school performance also improved.

Shrikar enjoys his classes with Ms.Sircar and waits for them eagerly. My husband Dr. O.Sai Satish and I appreciate Ms. Sircar for her efforts in bringing out the best in our son.

Dr. O.H. Radhika
Asst. Professor
Nilofer Hospital – Hyderabad.

I have come to understand that even well-meaning educators can’t substitute for the nagging feeling of a parent that maybe something is not quite right. I was wondering if everything is going to pan out for my child. How will she make it through middle school? Survive? After the school did not take me seriously enough and tagged my daughter as mischievous, is when I decided to seek help from Anupama.

Getting specialized help for Aanya and watching her learn to read and spell and grow has made me stronger, prouder and wiser than I would have ever been.

There is nothing more gratifying than doing the right thing for your child.


It’s been over 4 months when I started the class for my son Mustafa. Mustafa had many problems like he was not able to read basic words, sentences. When he joined Anu Ma’ams class I could see the improvement with in the first week itself. The method of teaching every concept, the different activities for making learning easy and above all the love and affection Anu ma’am shows to her students. It’s Incredible my son loves her and just wait for the classes. I am so thankful to The Learningraph for helping my son. Thank you for everything.

– Kulsum
(Mustafa’s Mother)

Dearest Anupama

Thankyou for bringing about such a tremendous difference in Aarish’s academic life.
Your program is good, your passion and commitment is incredible and evident.
I am Very satisfied regarding Aarish’s development because he is in safe hands.
Thanks for being there always.
All the best for your future.

– Tazeen

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