The Learning Graph

A continuing metamorphosis...
Let it begin here and now.

We are an after school educational centre that provides Remedial Services and solutions for children with learning differences between the age group of 5 to 15 years from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM (Monday to Friday).

Our Mission

At The Learning Graph, our mission is to enhance and strengthen the student’s English language as well as cognitive skills using a micro level scientific and multi-sensory teaching approach. In addition to this, we provide a discrete and comprehensive educational framework to help children, for whom traditional learning methods do not work.

Our Goal

We aim to give the needed support by helping the child cope with various forms of dyslexia, SLD and ADHD. This is done by working on their cognitive aspects such as attention deficits, memory problems and auditory- visual processing in combination with phonic awareness and spelling rules.

At The Learning Graph, we actively believe that each child is unique. Based on a Psycho-educational assessment done by a registered Clinical Psychologist, Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is formulated. Each child’s lesson plan for the 1-hour session is tailor-made to his/her individual requirement.


The Learning Graph School is doing a great job on remedial therapy in child’s education. Its very challenging job and I feel they are the best in Hyderabad. It has a comfortable ambience, committed faculty (Anu Ma’am, Basma Ma’am, Nashita Ma’am) and the passion that finally translates to success. My kid loves to go there and study. She is improving also. We are fully satisfied with this institution. Good luck.

It is a very good experience with Anupama ma'am and team. Felt that I took a right decision for my son Shreyas. He has improved in his area but only needs regular practice (from my side also). He loves to come to your classes

My son is really enjoying the remedial classes and likes the teacher so much. Here in the class the way they handle the kids, they understand them deeply.

Thank you for bringing about such a tremendous difference in Aarish’s academic life. Your program is good, your passion and commitment is incredible and evident.

I could see the improvement with in the first week itself. The method of teaching every concept, the different activities…above all, the love and affection. I am so thankful to The Learning Graph for helping my son.