Faculty Profile

Nashita Salman

She holds a B.SC in Life Sciences from St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad. She has done her masters from the University of South Hampton in Oceanography. She has volunteered and worked as a mentor with kids who are visually challenged and that’s when she found her true calling to work with kids with differences. Her love for children and passion for the subject brought her to the field of Remedial therapy. She is a very creative person and a great artist.

Soundarya Dhupar

She has a bachelors degree in psychology from St. Francis college for women, Hyderabad and a masters in applied psychology from Middlesex University, London. From very early on, Soundarya knew that she wanted to work with children. It was her internship at Dys & That, that made her realise her passion for teaching children with learning difficulties. She was also a special educator at Niraj International School, Hyderabad. Her love and passion towards working for children brought her to the learning graph. She loves interacting with children and learning new things from them.

Sakshi Chaganti

She has a bachelors in Psychology, English and Communication studies from Mount Carmel College, and a Masters in Counselling Psychology from Montfort College, Bangalore. While working at an NGO, and St Antony's school as a trainee counsellor, she discovered that her true passion lies in working with and for children. Her immense love for kids, and a keen interest in the field of teaching has brought her to the field of remedial therapy, and to The Learning Graph. She loves singing, dancing and capturing people's emotions in photographs.