About Centre

We are an after-school remedial therapy centre established in Hyderabad in the year 2009, when almost none existed in the city. We were founded on a singular mission: to make a difference to the lives of every child who needs our help, including those extraordinary children who have the potential to excel, but feel left behind in a traditional classroom.

We provide remediation and academic intervention for children with learning differences and differences distinctly related to ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia. We also support children who face difficulties in fundamental English Language and Math Skills.

There is a small miracle to tell in each of our stories. Overcoming cognitive difficulties, successful self-esteem development, academic accomplishment and emotional progress -- these are the simplest, and truest, ways that define The Learning Graph experience.

For this, we implement an unconventional and enjoyable teaching methodology. Each child is informally assessed when s/he first joins, based on which, an Individualized Education Plan is created.

In a one-hour session, we use a combination of multisensory and phonological teaching methods interwoven with cognitive intervention, that aid in creating new neural pathways. This customized strategy is unique to each child’s psycho-social needs thereby enabling maximum impact.

Challenges in the classroom are overcome slowly but surely, leading to an overall development of the language, attention and memory areas of the brain. Complementing what they have already covered in school, children are able to participate in engaging learning models assigned by trained teachers, and have the chance to build long-lasting goals.

When children enter The Learning Graph, a whole new world of imagination and creativity opens up to them. Come fall in love with our little corner of Hyderabad.