Best dyslexia School in Hyderabad
POSTED ON : 02-02-2018

Our mission is to transform lives by helping students with learning disabilities realize their educational and social potential.

TheLearningraph primary focus is our students. At the heart of the TheLearningraph experience is a partnership between the student and teacher – our one-to-one tutorial. Our students obtain the best possible opportunity to realize their potential in the classroom.

We know what works, our students discover talents, cultivate strengths, conquer challenges, develop independence, and fulfill dreams. TheLearningraph diagnostic and prescriptive procedures, individualized intervention and remediation, and teamwork have many young lives. Centre is run by Mrs. AnupamaSircar, and it is her commitment, expertise, and perseverance that result in the success of TheLearningraph students.

At TheLearningraph, we believe every student can learn. we welcome you to explore the best dyslexia school in Hyderabad.