POSTED ON : 27-06-2018

Children, who cannot read and write as easily as their peers can feel extremely incompetent and diffident. This affects their self-esteem and overall will to “learn”. Children feel stigmatized when withdrawn from class for extra help at their existing schools, or discouraged by doing easier work than others.

At TheLearningraph, we believe the solution is to give your child a level playing field; a centre where everyone has similar difficulties. Here at Thelearningraph we believe in creating confident individuals by giving them a strong foundation. Regular, weekly classes based on academic as well as cognitive developmental goals, make the child move from good to better to best.

Our dyslexia classes are a combination of insightful assessments and individualized education plans. This scientific and specialized therapy works its magic on our children.

Through this, the trajectory of their lives is altered. What once seemed impossible is no longer so.
Having worked for over a decade in the field of dyslexia, in addition to a decade as an English teacher, I have an in-depth understanding of the need of every student facing a learning disability. Based on the classes conducted, we have monthly meetings to update parents about the progress of their child as well as the challenges we are facing together. Through our systematic remedial therapy, we have and will continue to make a difference to children with dyslexia and ADHD.

Our motto is to provide supplementary training to help a child use his/her potential to the fullest and set him/her up for success in life.

For Centre visit, we are located in the heart of the city i.e. Kavuri Hills, Hyderabad. The website gives our complete address and contact details as well as a google map.

From the desk of AnupamaSircar
Remedial Therapist
Mobile No: +91 9963442662